Melanoboost in the UK

Aussies know how to tan and they have plenty of opportunity; with warm weather and big beaches, wearing tiny bikinis and boardies!

Naturally, being born and bred in Australia, the land of ten thousand beaches (10,685 to be precise), Melanoboost® Peptide Sun Tanning Oil boomed in its homeland and then spread rapidly to the United Kingdom and beyond. 

Accelerated tanning for Brits & Beyond  Accelerated tanning for Brits & Beyond

The weather isn’t as kind in the UK, and the beaches not in such abundance. Nonetheless, the Brits love a tan and sunny Spain is destination du jour for summer holidays.

Melanoboost® has made its way throughout the UK and beyond gathering thousands of fans along the way. Why? Because the difference with Melanoboost® is that it works, it works quickly and with very little sun exposure. No prolonged sun bathing necessary!

Melanoboost® is breaking away from traditional sun tanning oils that contain basic ingredients like coconut oil.

Traditional sun tan oils may offer the benefits of deep hydration, but without active ingredients, they require lengthy amounts of sun bathing to see results - and by ‘results’ we are talking burning - Yikes!

Melanoboost® has all the important features that a sun tan oil should have, with the addition of the tanning industry’s breakthrough ingredient – peptides; Smart, active ingredients that work to accelerate the tanning process with minimal UV exposure. It’s the smarter way tan! 

Melanoboost® Peptide Complex is infused in a delicious blend of skin conditioning oils that spread beautifully and penetrate deeply without leaving you feeling slimy or sticky. Apply Melanoboost® like any other sun tanning oil, then experience just how easy it is tan. 

Melanoboost® will even work on fair skin, which is why our friends over in the United Kingdom and Ireland love it! 

Read more on how Melanoboost® Peptide Sun Tanning Oil works on Fair skin here.

Some of our UK and Irish customers have come back to leave us product reviews. Check out what a few of them have said:

"Love it!!! Melanoboost smells amazing and definitely enhances my tan. Leaving me gorgeously bronzed in not so sunny northern England!!!!"
- Rachael B - Northern England.


"Amazing product. From putting it on I could tell I was going to be happy with it. It feels really nice and absorbs really well. I don't normally tan easily but could see a difference on my arms after being in the sun for only a little while. I've already bought a second bottle and will be buying more and more."
- Matthew P, Ireland.

"Sunshine in bottle. Bought this for my daughter who finds it hard to get a suntan but she is developing a nice colour since using this product. Would highly recommend."

- Nicolette B, Ireland. 


"OMG I loved using Melanoboost I'm currently getting a class tan without having to sit in the sun for too long. It's great it because it dries and doesn't leave you feeling greasy and the rubber effect bottle is so handy. 1st class thanks Melanoboost."
- David M, United Kingdom.


View all of these reviews and many more over on the product pages of our website.

Melanoboost® is set to change the way you tan!

Use Melanoboost® Peptide Sun Tanning Oil to achieve your ultimate tanning potential, from a light glow to a rich, dark tan. To get your hands on a bottle click the shop button below and we'll see you on the bronzed side.


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