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First, there are the time-poor individuals who love the quick and easy nature of Melanoboost.

Our peptide tanning oils, lotions and spray allow you to achieve colour in as little as 15 minutes. Whether you're looking to add a little colour during your lunch break, or want a quick tanning boost while you exercise outdoors, Melanoboost is the perfect solution...

As one customer, Lacey F, put it:
"Hands down the best tanning oil!!! Absolutely love this tanning oil!! It smells amazing, isn't too oily and achieves a nice colour in not a lot of time!! I won't use any other tanning oil now that I found Melanoboost. Hands down my favourite!!"
While customer Josie W kept it simple:
"The following day after use, skin is much darker even after just a very short sun exposure."

Customer Renee C highly recommends:
"My only go to is Melanoboost Oil! The coral bottle is the best fit for me. You only need to be in the sun for 30 minutes and you come inside, look in the mirror and you already have colour! I get so many compliments about how dark I am only a month into Summer. This little bottle is my secret! Highly recommend xx"

Melanoboost Results

For those who are sun-smart, Melanoboost is the ideal alternative to baking in the sun.

Melanoboost utilises biomimetic peptides to enhance the natural tanning process by boosting melanin concentration in the skin prior to UV exposure. Melanin is the pigment that strengthens the skin's natural protection and makes it tan, but it is typically only produced when the skin is exposed to UV light. The biomimetic peptides in Melanoboost mimic this process without the need for UV exposure, making this biomimetic tanning technology revolutionary. With higher levels of melanin before sun exposure, the skin is better prepared for UV exposure in moderate amounts, and able to achieve optimal tanning results with less sun exposure. This allows us to take a balanced approach to UV exposure to maximise benefit and minimise risk.

As customer Brooke R shared:
"Ride or die! I cannot explain how much I love this product. Total game changer for me on the sun tanning side of things. The fact it also has healthy skin benefits is a plus!."
Mary B is very Impressed:
"ACTUALLY WORKS! I was a bit sceptical to begin with, but I saw an instant improvement on how quickly I go brown using this product! It was amazing! I even used it on my partners arm as an experiment (he's a red head and pale haha), and the arm I put it on went a a nice golden brown and his other arm without anything on it went red and burnt. Very impressed!"
Customer Edwin L comments:
"Love the smell of this and works in conjunction with selftanning. Good to get a little sunlight"

And for the sun chasers, Melanoboost is a game-changer.

Melanoboost changes the game for those who enjoy sunbathing or outdoor activities, Melanoboost can enhance the natural tanning process and achieve a deeper, more intense tan with minimal sun exposure. 

Customer Maddie S thinks it's liquid gold::
"Liquid Gold! Living in the north means we are lucky enough to see the sun 99% of the year. I've tried SO many tanning products and I can honestly say Melanoboost is the best I've come across... hands down!! Even after your out of the sun it continues to develop leaving you with that perfect glow.. and really, who doesn't love a never-ending tan? I can't recommend it enough! I absolutely love it x"

As customer Kenneth G raves:
"I've never had a darker tan. When I step out of the shower it looks like I'm wearing a white/flesh colored thong. Wish I could send you a full back end photo."

Customer Lily M loves her tan lines:
"I have never found anything so fantastically potent. I'm in love & the results that you get from Melanoboost is worth every cent! And you smell define! No greasy mess either! From a girl who used to burn and peel to now a girl with actual brown tan lines !!".

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