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When seeking a tan, many individuals turn to sun tan oils, lotions, and sprays. However, not all tanning products are equal in their efficacy.

To ensure an effective tanning experience it's important that individuals carefully evaluate the ingredient lists of the products being considered to assist tanning. This can help to mitigate the impact of false claims made by some brands.

False claims being made by some brands, such as "melanin-boosting" or "tan-accelerating," are made with the intention of capitalising on the success of reputable brands such as Melanoboost which perform as advertised. In some cases, these brands even resort to plagiarising the content of established brand websites to appear legitimate, however, these imitation products often lack the active ingredients present in reputable brands and are therefore unable to perform to the same level.

To dispel any confusion in the market, it's important to distinguish between these false claims and products that truly support effective tanning, such as Melanoboost. By evaluating ingredient lists and avoiding false claims, individuals can choose the most effective tanning products available to meet their needs.

Melanoboost stands out as the premier tan accelerator brand as it is distinguished by its use of BIOMIMETIC PEPTIDES; this innovative and cutting-edge technology has revolutionised the tanning industry.

Formulated exclusively for Melanoboost, our Peptide Complex is a unique combination of biomimetic peptide actives with Octapeptide-5 at the core; a multitalented biomimetic peptide designed to induce melanogenesis (boost Melanin) WITHOUT UV exposure.

Melanin is the pigment which strengthens our skin’s natural photo-protection and makes it tan. Melanin is typically only produced when our skin is exposed to UV light, however the biomimetic peptides in Melanoboost are designed to mimic this naturally occurring function without UV exposure. When melanin levels are boosted before we head outdoors, only minimal UV exposure is required to tan effectively. This allows us to take a balanced approach to UV exposure to maximise benefit and minimise risk.

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By contrast, sun tan oils and lotions that rely on less sophisticated  ingredients such as Tyrosine and Riboflavin to assist tanning cannot 'boost melanin' without UV exposure. 

This highlights the fact that these products rely on UV radiation to stimulate melanin production. It also emphasises the risks associated with sun-baking and the potential for burning and sun damage, especially for individuals with fair skin. Products that rely on inexpensive and readily available ingredients such as tyrosine and riboflavin, tend to be less expensive, with price points typically ranging from $25-$45 dependent on volume. While these products may be more affordable, they do not offer the same level of effectiveness as the biometric peptides in Melanoboost.

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Then there are tanning oils and lotions that contain essential oils only, such as coconut oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, or carrot seed oil for example. These products do not contain any active ingredients that will boost melanin or accelerate tanning.

While these oils may moisturise and hydrate the skin during sun exposure, they do not contain any active ingredients, therefore cannot boost melanin as claimed or accelerate tanning. Sure these oils can claim to be vegan, free of parabens and cruelty free, but they rely solely upon sun-baking to achieve a tan which may lead to sun damage and premature aging. Again, while these products may seem more affordable at a lower price point, they cannot compare to the effectiveness of Melanoboost's biometric peptide powered formulations.

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In conclusion, there is  good reason as to why Melanoboost sits at a higher price point to other tanning oils and lotions; BIOMIMETIC PEPTIDES.

Biomimetic peptides designed to boost melanin without UV exposure are active ingredients made through a process called peptide synthesis, which involves chemically linking amino acids together to form specific sequences that mimic the structure and function of naturally occurring peptides in the skin that would normally only produce melanin when exposed to UV light. The production of biomimetic peptides is a far more complex and time-consuming process than the production of non-active ingredients, which often use simpler, cheaper raw materials. As a result, active biomimetic peptides are more expensive to produce and therefore more expensive to purchase. Additionally, they require more sophisticated testing and quality control measures to ensure the purity requirement of the final product, and clinical testing to confirm their efficacy and safety.

In short, for reasons explained in this blog article, copycat brands quite simply pale in comparison to Melanoboost! To to get your hands on the OG and experience tanning results like no other, shop now.

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