Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tan Accelerator Lotion

As the summer season approaches, Melanoboost, Australia's premier peptide-powered tanning brand, is excited to unveil its latest innovation: Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tanning Lotion + Bronzing. 

This new product combines the best features of Melanoboost's Peptide Sun Tanning Lotion and Peptide Sun Tanning Oil + Bronzing to create another game-changing Tri=Phase Tanning® experience.

Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tan Lotion Bronzing

Tri-Phase Tanning® is a unique approach that combines Melanoboost's advanced biomimetic peptide technology with sunless tanning actives to promote tanning in three phases.

PHASE1: Sunless tanning actives deliver a temporary sunless tan prior to UV exposure, providing a boost of bronzed body confidence before hitting the beach.

PHASE 2: While building your sunless tan, Melanoboost's peptide technology works to boost your skin's melanin levels and activate the natural tanning process.

PHASE 3: With higher concentrations of melanin and short bursts of UV exposure, phase 3 accelerates sun tanning results.

The best part! By the time your sunless tan has phased out, your real sun tan has phased in, completing Melanoboost's unique tri-phase tanning® process.

Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tanning Lotion + Bronzing is a perfect solution for those with fair skin who need additional tanning help. The sunless tan enhancement provides a temporary tan while you work on your real tan. Unlike other sunless tanning products, it is non-tinted, so it will not stain your swimwear or clothing. To use, apply the lotion over 1-3 consecutive days prior to sun exposure. The sunless tan will begin to develop within an hour of application, reaching peak development at 24 hours. With each daily application thereafter, your tan will gradually build in intensity.

Don't let the thought of being pale at the beach hold you back this summer. Try Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tanning Lotion + Bronzing and achieve a stunning, 'green with envy-worthy' tan with the help of our advanced tri-phase tanning® technology.

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